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Create a Vision Board and Reach Your Goals

A Vision Board can be a wonderful tool to remember your daily goals. One of the most difficult aspects of achieving targets is to stick to them. It's easy to get side-tracked, lose hope, or even forget about them. A vision board is a powerful tool that can be used to create the desired result.

Using a vision board regularly helps you keep your goals in mind. Using a vision board also combines positive feelings with reaching your goals.

Almost anything can serve as a vision board. Ideally, your vision board will be portable enough to carry with you. Then you can use it at any time. Poster board, cardboard, or even a spare wall may suffice. You could elect to use a notebook.

Create a vision board that works:

1. Determine your objectives. This is usually the most difficult part. To achieve better results, focus on a few objectives. Perhaps your goals are a healthy body, a new car, and a holiday in Hawaii. The choice is yours. What excites you?

2. Find the images that represent or symbolize the future you want to realize. A picture is worth 1,000 words. There are numerous sources of images: photography, magazines, the Internet and more.

Find pictures that best represent the goals you want to achieve. If you are in search of a new car, find the exact model and colour. When you look at the photo, you should get the same feeling you get when you think of the objective.

3. Choose the best words to add on your vision board. A suitable word might be “Porsche” or “Honolulu.” Also consider how you’ll feel when the goal is achieved: “Excited,” “Grateful,” “Proud.” What qualities will you need to achieve these goals? “Committed,” “Powerful,” or maybe “Optimistic.”

4. Mount the words and photos on your vision board. Get out your scissors, glue, or tape. Arrange everything in a way that pleases you.

The creation of a vision board is fun, simple, and easy. You might even enjoy the process.

Using your vision board is just as important as creating it:

1. Keep your vision board where you’ll see it at least twice each day. On the nightstand is a great location. You’ll see it in the morning and at night. If you’re comfortable doing so, you could mount it on the bathroom mirror.

2. Take several minutes each morning with your vision board. This will set the pace for the rest of your day. By remembering your goals each morning, you can steer your brain in the right direction. You will see opportunities to turn your dreams into reality. It is your job to seize those opportunities.

Check out every word and image on the board. Take your time and envision it in your life.

3. The use of your vision board before sleep is equally important. Your brain is very active during your sleep. Your brain spends all night trying to find solutions to your requests. Provide your mind with the information it needs. Look at the items on your vision board and imagine possessing them. Experience how that feels.

Part of your brain will spend all night trying to make your vision board a reality.

Create a vision board and use it every day. It’s not magic, though it sure seems that way. Keep your goals fresh in your mind by using your vision board twice a day. Give it a few months and see for yourself how well it works.

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