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Create Your own Life Strategy

You long for a genuinely satisfying life, but never prioritize it. If you desire a life of success, joy, abundance, and deep connection with your loved ones, you need to envision it. Different parts of yourself contain aspects of the life you envision, but each piece is not your life. You need to visualize and plan who you want to be and what you want your life to be like.

Here are some practical actions to help you create your life strategy. (I’m using some of them myself.)

Choose you. -Prioritize the life you want by putting yourself first. Understand what you need. By being whole, you’ll enjoy others as a complement to your life and not a “fix” to complete you.

Take care of yourself by identifying situations you need to avoid. Protect your mental and emotional wellbeing. You must take ownership of your life.

Find balance, rather than obsessing about a lifestyle you can’t maintain. Work to fund the life you enjoy. Align the pieces so you can have the life you desire and deserve. Allow your goals to be consistent with the life you envisioned.

Great people do great things because average is not an option. Failure is like an orchestra conductor: you need it to synchronize and make beautiful symphonic music.

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