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Growth Can Be the Reward

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Growth is not always a pleasant process, so it is natural to avoid it to the greatest extent possible. Life is so incredibly fragile and precious. Some of our life lessons are transformative, and some of us experience a tragic event that may precede a state of profound distress or misery. All is perception, how you come out at the other end will depend on which filter you used to see your journey.

Consider these benefits of growth:

You learn a lot about yourself as you go beyond your natural capabilities. Life's challenges amongst other things tests your will, resilience, and perseverance.

This is your opportunity to learn how to use failure to SOAR during the storms of life. Failure is a powerful tool when used as a pathway of evolution and growth. If you avoid facing your challenge head-on, you may never get the wisdom nuggets intertwined in your experience.

The more prosperous do not succeed in everything, but they know how to use failure to get back on track. Any challenging moment can be used to boost your ability to persevere.

Learning to fall and rise may help you to be stronger psychologically and resilient. You feel more confident. Dealing with challenges effectively, overcoming them nourishes your self-esteem, positively and develop the right mentality.

Small wins are steps towards great wins. If you can be consistent in your approach, you will successfully complete the marathon.

Get ready to face the challenges of your life, but be smart and focus your energy wisely. Find your rhythm and you will find your balance during challenging times.

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