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Happiness is the New Flourishing

If you can love yourself for just 20 minutes daily, you can turn the science of mental and emotional wellbeing, happiness and meaningful living into your lifestyle.

Research show that happier people are healthier, enjoy deeper connections and live longer. In a world filled with disruptions, disappointments and discouragements, it is easy to feel depressed, disengaged and dissatisfied.

In this book, the Queen of Happiness and Human Flourishing, Dinma Nwobi ( simplifies the science of human flourishing into practical rituals, routines and reminders that will help you feel better and broadened to start your day energised, love your best life and go to bed happier in spite of life challenges.

Scientific studies are showing that positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and vitality support happiness and wellbeing.

With the research based interventions in this book, you will learn how to:

1. Befriend your emotions and mind chatter, navigate limiting thought patterns and beliefs towards making empowering choices.

2. Identify and leverage your character strengths optimally to improve your life and relationships.

3. Hack the science of goal getting to achieve your dreams in your finances, work, relationships, health and spiritual wellbeing.

4. Create your unique B-HIGH Game Plan to experience more positivity for peak performance.

5. Embrace your imperfections, live courageously and enjoy authentic happiness.

Happify Your Life is not just a book. It is a transformative tool with over 100 coaching questions and practice exercises in each chapter that will support you to hack the science of human flourishing and make small, progressive improvements towards a happier, healthier and more flourishing YOU.


Dinma Nwobi is the Founder of Happify Humanity Project, Certified Applied Positive Psychology coach, Licensed Assessor of Emotional Intelligence, trainer, speaker and author.

Dinma loves to support people to embrace their authenticity and live their best lives meaningfully.

She loves to support individuals and families to flourish and enjoy happier, more harmonious and meaningful lives.

Through her signature projects like Get Your Power Back, Harmonious Living Process, Staying in Power Project for adolescents and Flourishing Together Couples Project.

She supports clients in tapping into their innate resourcefulness to live their best lives in spite of life’s challenges.

Contact detail:

Instagram: dinmanwobi

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