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How can you love & accept yourself?

Nature is love, and you are one with nature. You must accept this. God is love, too. You were created in love. You are not broken, and you are complete.

When you accept all this, you can engage with the world with confidence, knowing that even though your condition and your environment may not be the best, you’ve been gifted with the opportunity to learn and grow. Your external experience doesn’t change the core of who you are.

Your role is to believe and embrace yourself and to look after your body and soul unconditionally. Do that which does you no harm but honours you. If you don’t believe and accept this truth, it may cause you to love someone from a place of unworthiness. This is not showing true love. Instead, you show up with deficiencies, needy behaviours, and, in the worst case, a deep sense of self hatred.

What you do to yourself and how you behave will eventually determine how you interact with others. Self-love is the key to true happiness. Even in the most unpleasant moments of your journey, your happiness and satisfaction aren’t grounded in the things you do, but rather in a place of being.

You are the person you are, and your soul is satisfied. Believing anything other than this will create a void that can send you running in circles. When you’re looking for happiness in the outside world, you will fall short. Why? Because it is likely that our expectations are not met. It is unfair to hold someone else responsible for your happiness.

Happiness is a place of being rather than doing. I compare happiness to a well full of water. This well is accessible to you whether you’re thirsty or not. So, when you’re thirsty, you can drink from it. If you’re not thirsty, it’s available. Nobody has the key to your happiness. You have the power to fully express your kind of happy.

You deserve to be happy, and you choose your happiness. The outside world doesn’t determine how and when you can be happy. When you truly accept who you are, a broken relationship, a loss of a job, grief, disappointment cannot take away your happiness, because your happiness is not accessible to anything outside yourself. It is a well, abundantly filled within you, the joy that strengthens you.

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