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4 Ways to Build Your Willpower

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Usually, when we hear the word "willpower", we relate it to losing weight or quitting smoking. Willpower is extremely useful when trying to break these bad habits, but it can also be helpful in other areas of your life.

It is important to understand that we are not born with willpower; it is something that we must cultivate and build within ourselves. Once we strengthen our willpower, it will give us an advantage in achieving our goals. Why? Because we are going to develop an unwavering concentration and intensity in purpose!

So, how are you going to build your willpower?

Here are four strategies to get you set in the right direction:

1. Commitment. You have to make a commitment to reach your goals. If you are not fully committed to what you want to achieve, there is no way that you will be able to develop any willpower.

To successfully reach your goals, you need to trust your intuition and not doubt your inner wisdom. Be honest with yourself and know that this is something you truly want to see through until the end.

Remember, simply having desire does not guarantee fulfilment. You may wish for something without a firm commitment, so make sure you distinguish between the two and take appropriate action.

2. Use your inner power. Building your willpower takes perseverance. It's a time to tap into your inner strength - the extra push you need to get through difficult times.

You have committed to a journey to strengthen your will and achieve your most ambitious goals - it's great! The truth is, you will have many successful days, but there will also be days that are not so triumphing. It's on those not-so-good days that you can use your inner strength to get you back on track.

Everybody has their inner strength, and most of us have used it more than once. Trust it and it will help you get through a difficult time!

3. Ask for support. Building your willpower to achieve a goal is a large undertaking. At times, this can be overwhelming. That is why we must support each other during this period.

Share what you are trying to achieve with a friend, spouse or relative. So when you come across an obstacle, you have somebody you trust to get back on track.

Your support system will help you navigate difficult times and celebrate your successes with you.

4. Be consistent. If you are willing to give up smoking for a week, it is wonderful and it should be celebrated. But the only way to develop your willpower is to do whatever it takes to avoid cigarettes today, tomorrow, and forever. And soon you will have two weeks, two months, two years, and then forever!

This strategy applies to any objective you are actively trying to achieve. You must be willing to keep the positive behaviour all day, every day, no exceptions, and no excuses.

Things can only improve as you keep building your willpower. Stay ahead of the curve!

We all want to develop our will to break a bad habit or attain a specific goal. However, to do so, we must be ready to go further and fully commit to our success.

If you are committed, you should be commended! Be sure to use these tips to help you build your willpower and celebrate your successes each and every day.

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