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Intentional Motherhood: Who Said It Would Be Easy - Monique Russell

Intentional Motherhood is the inspiring, authentic, and relatable read you need!

This book teaches mothers that no matter what obstacles, traumas, or challenges you face, you can break the cycle of lack, dominance, and abuse to truly parent from love and not fear. You'll explore what it means to birth your identity as a Mother and move from likes to loves in your journey.

Monique Russell will inspire you to:- Break free from customary, societal pressures and norms- Use your past to propel your future- Create your own Motherhood vision and identity- Turn your likes to loves in your relationships, career, and business.

Buy now: Intentional Motherhood: Who Said It Would Be Easy

Originally from the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, and also Nigeria, Monique Russell positively impacts leaders globally with professional strategies and tools to keep the lines of communication open. She holds two Master of Science degrees in Communications (Advertising and Public Relations), and a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from St. Cloud State University. She is the managing partner of Clear Communication Solutions LLC, a communications training, coaching, and consulting firm. She presently teaches executives how to be confident communicators using the power of emotional intelligence. She is the podcast host of Bridge to U, a podcast focused on unity within the Black cultures. (

Ms. Russell has written a public speaking curriculum for Southern New Hampshire University, co-founded a thriving TEDx youth afterschool club, and hosts a Forbes recommended leadership conference. With a passion for helping individuals, and teams, Ms. Russell is committed to creating powerfully authentic environments of inclusion and trust where leaders can safely grow and live leadership lifestyles they can be proud of.

She is a professional speaker, trainer, and coach and hosts corporate workshops, live events and digital trainings. Thank you for visiting our page. Purchase a book and be sure to connect and follow us on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit the website at

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