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Success is inside you

The notion that there’s a secret to success is actually a clever advertising trick to set people on a lifetime treasure hunt looking for ways to unlock the door to this secret, to get that book with all the secrets in it or join some secret group to get access to the secret. The big problem is that we mistakenly chase after things we’re told will make us feel successful. It’s like chasing the wind. It’s unattainable.

If we dig deep, our chase is not based how we measure our own life’s success; instead, our perception is blurred by the world’s view of what success is. We all have goals, big and small, and things we want to achieve within a certain timeframe. When we begin to chase an intangible or vague concept, creating a tangible goal is often the first step. External forces are cleverly pushing the “success at all costs” agenda, which involves earning the fancy titles, having loads of money, landing the next big deal or the next big contract. We’re constantly chasing all that instead of living in the moment and enjoying our own inner success, moment by moment. There’s a huge disconnect between what people say will make us feel successful versus what really does.

In truth, your formula to success is already within you. So, instead of pursuing some vague secret of success, I suggest that you take a systematic approach to living in a way that reflects your own definition of success by looking inwards. Find what fills you up, what fulfils you. Intentionally get up each day ensuring that you focus on being first, and successful internally. So, if you love animals and all you want to do is care for a farm full of animals, then focus on being the best caregiver you can be. Nurture that part of yourself. Become successful at it.

You can spend each day consistently living as the true you, and no one else. You don’t require a magical ten-step action plan to do that. Your love for animals and your caring nature will be the anchor of a successful outcome. This clarity will provide you with an inner guidance system and equip you to live a fulfilled life. Chasing after things will not truly satisfy you until you become more aware of how you’re wired and connect with who you really are. Before doing the outer work to attain success, start the necessary inner work to get acquainted with the inner you. Then you’ll eventually find the success you’ve been chasing all along.

Now, more than ever, is the time to build your inner success!

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