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Is your life off balance?

Every once in a while, everybody's life can get a little out of hand. You devote too much time to work, and your family life suffers. Or you spend too much on your social life, and your finances suffer as a result. Maybe you’re running yourself ragged and your health is taking a back seat.

What can you do to end this chaotic situation?

Restore balance to your life through these strategies:

Identify the various areas of your life.

If you were to divide your life in columns, what would be the column headers? For most of us, this includes family, work, health, financial and social life. You could have other categories like music, spirituality and volunteering.

Begin with your health.

Does your lifestyle affect your health in any way? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating properly? How much exercise are you getting each day? Have you been to the doctor lately? How is your body weight? What can you do to enhance your health?

Assess your family life.

Does your family only get attention when you have time left from your other obligations? How long do you spend with your partner and children? What do each of them need right now? How can you provide it to them? How can you enrich your relationship with your family?

Is your social life getting too much attention or not enough?

Are you disconnected from your friends? Does your family mind if you spend too much time socializing? Or maybe your overactive social life is causing challenges in other areas of your life. Consider the changes that could help you balance your social life.

Reflect on your values and priorities.

What is most important to you? List what your values and priorities are. Make a life commitment to focus on these things.

Where are you wasting time?

Maybe you can balance your life by releasing more time for what's most important to you. First, determine how you spend time and eliminate or minimize these activities.

Learn to say “no”.

There's no time in the day to say "yes" to everything that crosses your path. It goes back to the priorities. One of the most effective ways to re-establish balance in your life is to eliminate the unnecessary. What can you live without? What will you be glad to get off your plate?

Be grateful for what you have.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to reflect upon your present blessings. Remind yourself of how much you have in your life already. With a positive perspective, you will have a better chance of moving forward.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears”. Anthony Robbins.

Create a plan.

Once you have some ideas, establish a plan for putting them into practice. Avoid the mistake of believing that identifying the cure is a cure. It’s necessary to act.

Everything is out of balance occasionally, including your life.

The key is to acknowledge the challenge you face and prioritize. Eliminate things that do not add value in your life so that you have more time for the things that do. Take control of your life and create a life that truly fulfils you.


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