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Trauma can disrupt the way Love is received

Some crises trigger traumatic, more profound experiences that make emotional support normally effective inadequate. Some personal losses have an emotional or physical impact, like dealing with a difficult illness, losing a loved one or going through a financial crisis. Learning to accept love after being traumatized may be difficult.

Love is one of the most elemental of emotions. This is the cornerstone of some of our most profound relationships and an element of many of our happiest days. However, the ability to freely give and receive love is a delicate skill that traumatic experiences can too easily shake or damage.

Learning to beloved is a vital element in your recovery. Here are some things to consider when regaining your ability to accept an individual's care, concerns, and care.

1. 👉🏼Get your own therapist.

A way of practicing openness to love is to practise openness to trust, vulnerability and intimacy.

2. 👉🏼Consider the giver’s genuineness and accuracy.

Is this someone with whom you have enough history to know their usual level of genuineness and accuracy?

3👉🏼Consider whether there could be an ulterior motive.

How will the giver of this pledge of love profit from your acceptance? Could your advantage be detrimental?

4👉🏼If the expression of care is within your scope of vulnerability and is from a genuine and accurate person who does not have a damaging ulterior motive, then take in the love.

5👉🏼Practice breathing deeply and remember that you are actively caring for one of the most fundamental skills.

Embrace the experience of the love you deserve.

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